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Thank you so much for that! It's just that since I haven't got a clear answer of what the problem is, I'm not sure if I'm improving or what. I definitely am better than at the beginning, i feel like. It still feels like there is so much pressure in my ears and all the popping/crackling...that's what makes me want to go back to the dr beside the fact that he didn't give me an answer--that was really frustrating. at least i know that i am not alone, and that i am not crazy (although i feel like i am going that way sometimes!)

i haven't really been doing any vestibular rehab. he gave me two papers with exercises, but i've been stubborn and haven't really done them. i kinda felt like since i'm up and about that is kinda the same thing lol. i guess i should make that effort too if it is really helpful with getting my brain to be normal again. This mess is so hard!!! I called my other ENT today to ask about Ativan, but he won't be able to call me back til tomorrow. i don't know if that will help on my bad days. have you used meclizine before and had any results???it seems useless to me....

oh...did you have slight ringing in your ears at all??? mine is not often and lasts only for about 5 seconds....that's why i was afraid it might be meniere's, but i haven't had any hearing loss. is it normal with just labs or vestibular neur?

thank you again!:angel:

I think the exercises are helpful, even if you are active. They more specifically retrain the system. I think the most important one, is looking at a letter on a business card, keeping focus and turning your head side to side. If you check out the post called Charlotte's VRTs there's more details. The next step would be moving the card to one side and your head to the opposite direction. Then do these with a busy background.

Meclizine didn't help me at all, even at the beginning of all this. Valium didn't help either, I tried that at some point.

I never had any ringing, pressure, or popping and I had VN. There's so much variation though. Maybe you should persue the ENT further to be sure of diagnosis? I'm sure some other folks on here will have more advice on that.
Take care!