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Hi -

Has anyone ever had sublingual medication used prior to dental treatment? I am unsure what the medication might be but I was told they give me a pill to place under my tongue one hour before the procedure. I believe it will calm me down - they can also use gas or sweet air.

I have taken Valium prior to treatment which worked well. My issue is I can't tolerate Epinephrin - so novacaine wears off much quicker. I had a root canal done last year and I felt portions of it - I had taken the Valium which definitely helped. By the time I got home all novacaine has worn off and I was in considerable discomfort but I am not as concerned about that as I am with the pain during.

Just wondering if anyone has ever tried this sublingual method - I am seeing the Endo later today and I am sure he will tell me what it is as well.