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Well I still have anixety lol. But I have more of a chronic longterm diagnosis and they say mine is post traumatic stress disorder which usually isn't long term like my case.

However, anxiety is alot of times worry, and think of all he is worry about right now, was this a mistake, will I ever get better, will I ever be able to work, what about money, what about this, what about that, was this a mistake, was this a mistake, what if it gets worse, what if I need more surgery, what if my wife leaves me.

And then theres the whole factor of pain and men trying to be tough...sorry guys. This is a very major painful surgery I would compare it with childbirth if that gives you a clue. And the hard part is, that even at three weeks out the improvement isn't that great and you realize, hell this isn't going to be a quick easy thing, or is this ever going to get better.

Then the meds to can do wonders to your brain, the oxicontin made me have severe hot and cold flashes. I would wake up freezing put on extra blankets and lcothes, then wake up hot take all my clothes off open the window put cold towels on then repeat over and over.

Sorry I guess I have the anxiety thing down.

The other thing is that alot of people post op get valium for the anxiety and relaxation and muscle spasms. I still just took my xanax, which i have taken for years, but they make me sleep like a baby and take the edge off all this stuff.

He's lucky to have you by his side, sorry for the long post.