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My surgeon said I was fused. He also said I could take Advil (Ibuprofen) now. He is a bit on the liberal side, so I don't trust what he says. LOL. He also told me I could go to NYC a month after a 2 level fusion.....NO PROBLEM. I waited till 4 months and even that was rough. Anyway, I am needing to figure out some kind of pain control where I can substitute teach elementary level kids. I am hoping Advil will maybe take the edge off. I have low dose Valium (2mg), but I don't want to get spaced out. I already went that route when I was teaching, and it was BAD! I know being on my feet so much is going to be rough. Also, the stress of the job can get to a tight muscled person pretty well, too. (if you know what I mean). Any suggestions are welcome.