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HI everyone well I made it through the surgery. I was in the hospital for 11 days the surgery took 6 hours. After being released from the hospital they sent me to a rehab facility for 27 days. I'm now at home and in lots of pain even though I am on some pretty strong drugs, Vicoden, Oxycotton, and Valium. The pain starts in the lower back and goes down my left leg, sometimes my big toe is numb, doctor says this is normal and should go away. I have an OT and PT that come out to my house once a week.

I will probably be starting aqua therapy next week. Hopefully each day I will start to feel better, but right now I am still using a walker and wheelchair, also have a bone stimulator.

So how is everyone else who had the same procedure doing? Please let me know how you are....talk to ya soon...mew