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Hello Ticker:
I am having the same problem i feel dizzy and i feel palpitation, my blood pressure go up up to 165/100, I start shaking and very very cold.
I went to doctor and he checked my heart which is OK, then he refer me to a neurologist I did a brain MRI , ENG and Bauer Test also the MRI was taken also from the middle ear (both ) the results: negative.
I went to the hospital one day i had a SCAN of the brain, X-rays of the chest, blood test etc. and you know what: negative.
I don't know what to do because in the last test the cardiologist did he ordered a T3 and T4 and they were normal.
The neurologist prescribed Diazepam (Valium 2 mg) but I feel very down
all my friends said that what I have is a lot of stress and panic attacks. I don't think so.Is there any cure for panic attacks, I don't take any medication only VASOTEC 10 mg once a day. I would like to have something to stops this dizziness but something natural medicine I need help!!!