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Sorry about your side effects... I felt like that in the mornings but way in the begining before a diagnosis when my anxiety and depression where at all time highs..None of that when on Zoloft or Verapamil..

Never figured out food triggers and I journaled and tried to figure that out. My doctor said everyone is different. I drink several cups of coffee every day even late at night and no problems, and sleep is fine but some one else will feel horrible. Because MAV is very grey and not a black and white diagnosis its more of a trial and error.

as far as the Verapamil your body might be sensitive and a lot of medications need time for your body to adjust and get used to .....Like many SSRI's bad before better. Try some Valium during the initial stage or there are a lot of MAV drugs. Adam may help you with that...I lucked out on the st drug....

Hang in there your getting close you have a diagnosisis now you need to find the treatment that works for you

I'm so sorry Scott to hear about your current sitch. I've only been feeling pretty well for a couple of days now - before that was the same old crap. It's on and off, on and off, and that in itself is so angst aggrivating. Sounds like you have had a terrible "blip" for an extended period of time, and not having much luck with the meds so far. I thought you found one that worked really well with you.

I'm with Howie in that sometimes you may need some Valium or Ativan or something to relieve you for a bit. It's just too much to handle sometimes - feeling so dang sick all of the time.

Scott - have you tried any kind of strict migraine diet yet? And have you picked up a copy of "Heal of Headache" yet? You've gotta do that. Right after reading the first paragraph I knew I was hooked. He hit the nail on the head throughout the book.

Anyway, hope you get some relief soon!