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Hi, FLFLOWERGIRL! A few things in addition to what the others have posted...

While it's not unusual to see other auto-immune things pop up in those who have one, I would not include Hashimoto's in this. I am also hypothyroid of this type and I have never seen any link that includes this -- as you probably know, Hashimoto's is determined by the presence of an antibody and is most frequently hereditary.

Re: MRIs and MS, lesions can occur on the brain, c-spine and t-spine, not the lumbar. The very top of where the l-spine is connected to the t-spine is usually included in t-spine MRIs and as far as MS lesions, that's the point to which they can appear, not below. If something shows on an l-spine MRI below that point (again, which is usually included in the t-spine MRI) it's not MS related. An open MRI is NOT recommended for the brain and it is ONLY okay for one of the spinal MRIs although I can't remember which one offhand. I was very freaked out when I did my first MRI and it's become much easier. I take valium before, close my eyes BEFORE entering the tube and KEEP THEM CLOSED! I have a few more tips that might help and I'm sure others do as well.

Re: your symptoms, I think it's a little strange that your doctor told you they "sound like MS". What you're describing can be attributed to many other things. You are doing the right thing as a next step to see a general neurologist.

Good luck and keep us posted.