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Oh well what can I say, reading your post is like me having the same symptons, for the last two month I visited more doctors that I visited in my life, a neuro, a cardiologist, a gyn, etc. Well all tests (MRI (brain) ears etc) came back negative. All my blood work else negative.
What i feel is like if I am sitting for example in the beauty salon I have to go and walk I can not stay still, then my heart start to palpitate (fast palpitation) my blood pressure rise, my head feels like I am in the air, light headed, sometimes dizziness, oh well everything at the same time.
The ear specialist told I have histeric attacks combined with panic attack.
My neuro I have to visited Sept. 6, I don't if I should go because he pescribed me valium 2 mg, anyway my last resource: i am going tomorrow to a natural food store, this lady she is from Nicaragua and she can see you (whole body) thru the Iris of your eye. I will try to see if she can find anything. Every time i speak to someone is a different diagnosis. Now, my mother told me this morning probably are my Thyroids or probable my sugar level??
Now, everytime I put my head down, my head feels like I am dizzy and my back (lumbar and cervical is painful)
All my friend say that is my Hormone Change i am 52 years old but I have my "friend" every month. Problably I need some type of hormone?
Can you please tell me?