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Hi everyone,
I have posted a few times and read the board frequently. Just reading the board helps and makes me feel not alone. I have fairly severe DDD on my lumbar area, arthritis, a couple of herniations, and some nerve damage. I am treated by my family prac doc who is great. I have done the injections (no help), Physical therapy (little help), biofeedback (not to great). I currently take Hydrocodone 7.5 mg one twice a day, Hydromorphone 4 mg one twice a day, and 5 mg valium before bed. These meds, although they don't take all the pain, have allowed me to function. I work 5 days a week, get out on the weekends for walks and stuff. Still hurt quite a bit during work and while walking but enjoy both. Before my doc got the meds down I was missing work, not going out due to pain and alfully depressed and miserable. I know these are both short acting meds and always thought it was weird that I take two different types of short acting meds but they work. My Doc is great. I am very compliant and I just call in for refills. No pain mangement docs up here.
My Doc is retiring at the end of September. He wrote a letter to all patients with personal recommendation on which doctor in the practice that they should have take over their care.
I will go with his recommendation. My worry is that the new doc ( a lot younger and I think fairly new to medicine) will not keep my regimin going. I don't want to start all over again. I have one last visit with my regular doc in September. Should I ask him about this. I guess I am just worried that the new doc will be one of those who think that pain meds are bad. I don't want to go through injections again. I have had 7 over the years and they always hurt for a few days but give no relief.
My appointment with the new guy is in October. Any suggestions how I should speak to him without coming across like I am telling him what to do.
Anybody been in this position? How did it work out.
Thanks everyone.