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Hi all, I have to take a very low dose of valium @ bedtime, It also works as a muscle relaxer, I was taken off of it not long ago lasted about four nights, up all night kept my husband up, he moved to the couch, every time I would roll over the pain in my ribs would wake me up between groaning & moaning & being tired because of no sleep I called my primary up & told them enough was enough, If I take to high dose I am tired in morning or sleep in, but the low dose is perfect. I am so tired at night most of the time from pain & other meds I was surprised I did not sleep through, but the pain of rolling over would jolt me awake, did not even realize how well that small dose worked until I went off it. Until the doctors come up with some way to control this problem I will take it @ bedtime. Good luck to you all with your nights. Sammy