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Hey Sue,
Which Dr are you going to see? My NS who did the surgery does not want to see me until Dec. Frankly if there is a serious problem I would not have him do my surgery due to the whole paralyzed vocal cord. And I am real flipped out about the vocal cord and having ANY kind of surgery! The NS client I had in a couple weeks ago told me if they did have to do more surgery it would have to be done with same incision, because if they went in on other side and damaged that cord I would have to have a trach! Too awful to consider.

Anyway I am taking things easy (can't take narcotics make me physically ill and give me insomnia) and taking ibuprofin. Trying not to take valium. I noticed I was suddenly getting short of breath (heart & lungs fine) so I looked up the side effects of valium and yes shortness of breath is right up there (rats). It was the only drug that seemed to work for me.

My next step would be to get an MRI but I do not trust my doc he said I was fusing fine but when I asked about a dark spot on xray he said Oh its a gap but it will fill in????????????? And he said he was very happy about my results and I think I need to see someone else soon but it's starting the whole process all over again.:mad:

Do you ever wonder if the surgeons lurk on these boards;) !