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Last night I had the worst panic attack ever and was rushed to the ER and had to be put on valium. I was having and still am having extreme pressure in my head/neck, like my body is gonna explode plus all of the dizzy junk to go with. I had an emergency mri/blood test done and my results came back of course "normal" today.

I have been sober off supressants for almost a week and I know what I'm having is not withdrawl symptoms, I'm so lethargic and on the edge right now...I really dont know where my life will end up. When i close my eyes and try to relax I"m constantly feeling movement and my head is a magnet being pulled up and down. I can't get into my neuro till next friday so I really need support till than. My anxiety can be killer and I just feel doomed in life at this point.

22 year old male, still have a "six pack", I eat very healthy, and just for a test today (even though feeling like sh##) I easily handled running on a treadmill and pretty fast speeds for almost an hour. My body is healthy, it just seems like my head is not. So typical it is.

Please if anyone has any helpful advice or could shed some light ,I would love to hear your horror stories (i'm being genuine) I really want to hear about some of your rough days/weeks and how you overcame them.


hey shane!

wow, sounds like you had quite a rough night. i have been there too...i am still in the midst of whatever this junk is.

i had taken some antibiotics for a supsected ear infection when all this started in june---i had a horrible allergic reaction and ended up in the ER. That has got to be one of the worst experiences of my life.....and on top of the dizzy off feeling. I have never had anxiety or panic attacks. the next day, after i got out, i had to rush back because i thought i was having another reaction to some other medicine they gave me----but i think it was actually a panic attack in hindsight. they just told me i had labs and there was absolutely nothing i could do about it. needless to say with the hospital visits and my horrible dizziness and nausea, i couldn't really eat much for almost a week--i lost 10 pounds, that i couldn't afford to lose, so i am still "underweight" for my height. I was normal and at a healthy weight for my height before, maybe 2 pounds under. Getting back my strength and trying to eat with this nausea was absolutely horrible. i could barely walk to the bathroom. i didn't have enough strength to sit up in bed to eat for the most part of 2 weeks....i had horrible nasty dreadlock hair from not being able to wash it....ewwwww....i know :(

a week later after the first visits, i had to go back because i was on some new meds and i wanted to make sure i wasn't going to have a reaction, as well as have my dizziness checked out again, and some heart palpitations...and fast beating.

all in all, i was given xanax and valium. i took xanax twice a day for about a month in july and slowed down to 1/4 of a .25mg at night. i didn't want to be controlled by a stupid drug, and i know how addicting xanax can be. it took some time to taper off it, but i've been xanax free for about 3 1/2 weeks now--and let me tell you...i actually don't feel as depressed since i haven't been on it. strange enough, i know. i haven't had to use it once since then, however, i have thought about it in a few weird anxiety moments of feeling down---but i tried so hard to stop and succeeded, that i said hell no! not that if you need it, not to take it, but i just feel better without it at this point. i do think it takes slowly coming off of them to actually get off without too much anxiety. WITHDRAWALS ARE NOT FUN......AT ALL....i know.
and actually, since i've been off the xanax, it seems like my "reality" has improved over the last 3 weeks, and i am feeling a little better now...still really weird vision issues, as well as balance trouble, but nothing like the beginning. i still am upset and have my crying fits, but nothing like even when i was on xanax and during the beginning of this.

This is what really depresses me now. as of now, i have been to numerous doctors, all who have no clue of what is really wrong with me.
** ER doctor--thought Labs and said pretty much nothing i can do.
**ENT---thought it was sinus related first visit and handed me nose spray, second visit thought Central nervous system and referred me to a neurologist.
**Neurologist----thought i may have MAV and prescribed Neurontin for migraines, and i have used it once (hated it). i don't even have a history of migraines either. he did a b-12 test, and it was on the low end---i have been treating that with shots and sublinguals, all which have raised it some.
**Neurotologist---absolute looney and he thought i MAY have meniere's...i don't have ANY hearing loss and my dizzies aren't spells, its 24/7...it's like he didn't even know as much as i had researched. he gave me a diuretic and said not to eat much salt......obviously, i was pissed and didn't follow his advice.

finally, after many other general dr's for other health issues....all which have said i have ETD and keep giving me nose spray, i have found one that is actually wanting to fix me and has a full interest. he did full blood work, which came back----as the nurse said---almost the best she's seen in a while. ( i thought, then why the hell do i feel so bad?!?!?!?) . he has referred me to an allergy specialist, another neurotologist, as well as physical therapy--which i start tomorrow.

that is a sum of my horror story....i am still dealing with a lot of it, and just so you know....YOU ARE NOT ALONE AT ALL!!!!!!!!! it may seem that way with family and friends, because they have absolutely no idea the hell we are going through....but you aren't some freak and all of us know that!!!:D

sorry for the long response.....i just want you to know that i totally feel your pain and depression in all of this. but you will feel better....i am slowly gaining that....:)

my prayers are with you, and all of us:angel: keep pluggin away and FIGHT this crap out....use the force;)
Hi Shane:
I read your post and my heart goes out to you. First of all, I am a veteran of this and my ordeal started in November of 2002. I am nearly 100% now but I fully remember to horrid anxiety of all this. It seems like this is a part of the inner ear ordeal for most. It took me a long time to get control of my anxiety and I had to do it with the help of valium. I know they say not to, but for me it was a life saver. What did help me was to make practice of contolled breathing. Look into yoga and breathing exercises. I did this when I first woke up and before I went to bed. In order to concentrate and to really hear my breathing, I placed earplugs in my ears. This way I would also be void of any distractions.

What I will tell you and believe me I know this is incredibly difficult to find a light at the end of the tunnel....but it wasn't until I started to manage my anxiety that I started to see marked improvement. To this day, if I get stressed, I can become dizzy. There is a really great book out by Claire Weeks dealing with anxiety. You can also purchase this on cd so you can just listen.

I still am amazed at how this can take someone who claims themself to be a strong individual and can stop them dead in their tracks. When people say you are not alone....you definitely are not.

I don't know if you have started any vrt but if not, you should start and try to move as much as possible.

As I said, my heart goes out to you,
Hi Shane,

I know that anxiety and panic can be terrifying and I had my first experience with this after this dizziness junk started and it felt overwhelming. My problems with anxiety actually got worse when many of my traditional "dizzy" symptoms started getting better, which made me feel like I was really going crazy! What I finally figured out was that when you are dizzy, you're nerves are on full alert most of the time, and after weeks and months of that you get to the point where even minor stress can seem overwhelming because your nerves are already overtaxed.

I don't like taking meds and I kept avoiding them, but my dr. had prescribed a very low dose of valium and I finally gave in and started taking them. I take less than 2 mg per day, but it has really made a difference and has given my nerves a chance to settle down a little.

Like Scant5 said ... the book by Claire Weekes (I think it's called Hope and Help for your Nerves or something similar) is great. It really helped me understand what was going on and made a difference for me in a matter of days! You might also want to read the threads on anxiety under the "Sticky" note ... I found that very helpful too. Just know that you're not alone and you're not crazy!! This dizzy stuff can really do a number on your nerves and it's very, very, very frustrating.