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I went to the dentist today as after so much dental work my mouth is very revved up. It often feels like little nerves are zinging in different places and nothing will calm down. My dentist said that I probably am clenching my teeth and jaw and I do believe that he is right. I can feel the tension in my jaw and have to tell myself to relax. He said that this tension (or grinding at night) puts strain on the muscles. Muscles have nerves and they can become revved up. This can also cause sensitivity to cold or hot.

He gave me two suggestions which I am going to try. First he recommended Colgate Maximum Strength for Sensitive Teeth. He said it has the correct PH balance and will work faster and better than other senstive toothpastes. He also prescribed a low dose Valium to take at night. He has seen good results with this. While I am not crazy about that, I am willing to try to end this nerve upset in my mouth. I do believe he is very right as there is nothing wrong with the rest of my teeth - just lots of upset nerves from extractions and root canals.

I hope this helps some of you. I totally understand what you are dealing with. It is upsetting and tiring, but a compasionate dentist who is also reassuring sure helps.

Hi glowing4,
I started this thread a few weeks back...and you had responded that you were trying a sensitive toothpaste and valium at night to help with your toothache. I'm still hurting all the time...just wanted to check with you if doing these things helped you...will follow your lead if yes :)
I also realised one thing - again and again..my pain always exacerbates in times of stress - especially emotional. I recently went on vacation and haad a great time..my teeth did'nt hurt as much since I was enjoying myslef..
Just an observation :)

I am still using the sensitive toothpaste and it does seem to help. I only took the valium (small dosage) for a few nights as I am not really in favor of taking medicines like those. I do think that stress does play a large part in some of it. The jaw tends to tighten when stressed and that adds to the pain. My dentist told me that everything has nerves and that tightened muscles can cause pain in teeth. I really do believe too that all of those nerves get revved up after a lot of dental work and need time to calm down. Also, are you clenching your teeth at night or grinding? Has your dentist suggested a mouth guard?

I am still dealing with dental issues - a partial that did not work and has to be redone and a root canal that probably is not right yet. However, I am not in the pain I was in this summer - just would like to be able to eat!

Don't give up. I know how you feel. An infection would cause extreme pain. If you are experiencing minor problems of aching etc., then give it some time, try to relax, and deliberately relax your jaw when you think of it. Just tell it to relax - you can feel it happen. Let your mouth go slack. Also eat soft foods - don't stress your mouth too much with harder things to chew.

Let me know how you are doing. Thinking of you.