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Chab, your not the first to ask that about a rehab. doc, they do many things, they are Physiatrists, specialiazing in musculosketetal problems, test such as EMG's & so on. Actually I believe they do alot to injections. My luck to get a doc. who is not a happy camper. I went to primary care office, explained to them, Have bronchitis, cough not helping this problem, they are going to look into another doc. for me. Has to be someone who can prescribe pain meds & do injections.They do not have the notes from him from mondays visit yet. I asked if I could get the next injec. there, but they won't do that area. Also said another doc. opinion would not hurt, suppose to calling me with names. Believe it or not she said go back on monday because this cough is going to hinder the injection & I will not be able to get into someone else for awhile, but to take a valium to deal with this guy & relax the mucsles before the injection, also take someone with me. She also said the painful breathing after the injection is not normal & explain to this guy. wow that should be fun. I swear if I was not so afraid of the pain coming back full blown & losing my range of motion I would wait. I have alittle med. training I know what he did was way out of line. Maybe I should take my big cross off the wall with me or a clove of garlic? (ha), as long as I get relief I'll be happy. I am sweating just thinking about going back. Of course I worked like crazy the day after, could move my arm, but bronchitis slowed me back down. I did tell myself to not get excited & over do. Hard to do. Sammy
Monkey, You know your own body better then anyone else, if you know there is something wrong then there is something wrong. Keep track of every little symtom or change & keep looking for the problem, remember docs. can't try to fix or improve something if they can't find what is wrong. Unfortunantly that can take some time. We are all led to believe docs know everythng & with all the tests available they can discover what is going on lickety split. That is not the case, I have seen it heard it & discovered it the hard way. It is the hardest thing to try to be patient when you are suffering. I got worse & worse & refused to take meds for pain & sleeping & so forth. Well I do know, have to or end up in ER all the time. I am trying to be patient & going on educatated guesses from the doc. but I will tell you one thing my body told me along time ago something was wrong & I let the docs. get away with being lazy about finding the problem & misdiagnosing because I was tired, well if I could go back I would never ever do that again. I would make sure I pushed or found a doc. who took me serious.Listen to your body & insist the docs. listen to you. Hang in there

Chab, pt is alot of massage & some weird things like pushing on certain areas to help get the inflammation down. Very little excercise at this time.I could not lift my coffee cup this morning with my left arm, so back to try pt. Have no clue what I will do if the headaches occur. My husband insisted I go off one of the meds. it made me loopy but helped with the tingling & numbness so I am getting that again with the pain. I take a super low dose of valium that works as a mucsle relaxer & helps me to sleep through the night, I forgot it for the last couple nights so I will try it tonight to see if it will help with some of this. I honestly don't know about giving dinner, alot is going to depend on how I feel, I am tired of pushing myself & being the only one who makes all the effort. Heck at this point the turkey would end up at my feet, I can't lift the coffee cup how am I going to lift.clean & stuff, gosh just thinking of it makes me sore. I can't have my typical holiday glass of wine that helps me get through making these big holiday dinners because of the meds so not so sure I want to do it. yes it takes me a big glass of wine to destroy my kitchen get dinner on & put it all back together & it is inevitable someone is going to be late on so on....most of the time If I can't chase my husband to the basement to watch his tv & football I put headphones on & listen to music to block out all the sports noise. So it is me, wine, headphones & the turkey. that is all that is allowed in the kitchen while I am putting on a big dinner. its to exhausting to think about. Trying keep everyone out of the kitchen is a whole other story. we will see, I am so hoping to feel better by the holidays. My daughters are 21 & almost 15, do not want them making dinner unless we want canned soup. Just think after the turkey comes all the christmas shopping tree & so on.... I wish it was may again. How are you feeling, thinking of surgery? Talk to you soon, Sammy
Sammy, your funny! Good to see you have retained a sense of humor despite all your pain! I can just see you having a can of soup for Thanksgiving dinner.....turkey noodle, I hope. And, I usually have 3 or 4 glasses of wine cooking my dinner; or if we go to my daughters, I have that before she serves dinner! Wine is my drink, although I haven't had much lately because of taking meds. I only have a glass or two when I haven't taken anything. But, when I went to therapy, they didn't do any massaging, just had me doing exercises and laying on an ice pad. The very first appointment I had, the girl did do a short massage after the exercises, but after that I had a guy for my treatments, and he didn't do any massage. After about 5 weeks, I quit going because I didn't feel any better. I ached more when I was done each session..for about three days afterwards. Which med made you loopy? I found the Lyrica made me feel that way, so I don't take it anymore. Actually, I am not taking anything on a regular basis, just pop something as I need it. But, that Valium won't hurt you if you feel you need it to get some sleep. Your sleep is important, especially since your in so much pain all the time.

What would happen if you told your extended family that you weren't cooking this year? Would they be upset? Just wondering, as maybe you need to think about YOU...and perhaps you and hubby and girls can all go out for a nice dinner. I think you spend just as much or more cooking at home. As for me, I just made an appointment for the 2nd epidural shot...next Wednesday. I have that pain under the breast area and right side area back again..big time. Guess the first shot wore off; it's been about two months I think. Have surgery in the back of my mind, but going to ask my neurologist if there are any other options for my back problem. I have read a few posts about people getting nerves burned to help with the pain, but I am not sure what all that involves. Might be a choice other than surgery, so I better check into it. Aye, aye, aye.....don't mention Christmas!!! Dreading it!!!

Take care, and hope you sleep well and feel better.