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Shawley & Chab, My husband wants to go, is insisting upon it, but no way. I have the kind of husband everyone likes, all around nice guy, but he has seen me suffer for so long he looses it. He is furious with this guy, god only knows what he would say, he said he is not paying some jerk of a doc to treat his wife this way, I have to go back until I get into another doc., My GP said no way would I get into someone else right away, have 2 recommendations, rehab doc. & PM doc, don't know which one would be best.
I have bronchitis, I can't believe it, I finally get alittle relief & know this cough is putting a strain on everything. Unbelievable. I don't want to go back monday but what can I do, With this cough the GP office said it will aggravate everything & should at least go back monday to this guy, Get this, they said take a valium before I go to help relax the muscles & to hopefully deal with this doc. alittle better. & to take someone with me. The painful breathing is not normal after the injection & have to tell this doc. about it, great, more yelling. I feel like a darn kid. I am not tolerating anymore of it, I just want the shot before I say anything(ha).Everytime I think about going I start to sweat. Hopefully by monday I will be more mentally prepared. Thanks guys, hopefully my sister in law will go with me, she has some med. knowledge & is not one to let anyone get away with anything. Me, I will be to worried about getting in & out of there. Sammy
Oh no, Sammy, sorry to hear you have bronchitis on top of everything else. I can imagine how nervous you are about going back to the same doctor...after your first experience and now having the bronchitis. But, since you can't get in to see another doctor right away, I guess you have no other choice if you want to get the next shot. I also think you should take your hubby, and I would insist that he stands by the door of the room where you are taken for the shot. Or, if your sister-in-law goes, ask can she be near while your getting the shot. Let the nurse that prepares you know that you have bronchitus, and tell her your anxious about getting the shot and need somebody near. I am sure they won't let a person come in the room itself, but I don't see why they couldn't stand outside the door. If you think the valium will help, go ahead and take it...it just might help with relaxing the muscles. Seems like either the rehab doc or the PM doc would be better than the current guy! Let the nurse know also about your breathing problem after the first shot. I am assuming there is a nurse that takes your blood pressure first and prepares you before you have the shot itself. Ask her to alert the doctor of everything before you go in. If you aren't treated well again, blow up and let this doc know your reporting him and tell him off.....you have the right to speak your mind.

Good luck and I will be thinking about you. Let us know how it went.