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My gosh Shelby, What a terrable experiance, heck no wonder you have a fear of needles, I would. I am in pain everday to, that is why I willing to try anything that can help. What is up with these doctors? I really feel you have no choice but to be up front about all the pain, blows the mind that of all docs. a pain managment doc. would not understand, hence the title PAIN MANAGEMENT. I have a feeling that is what is going to be recommended to me. I had a chest x-ray, bronchitis, she did say the painful breathing is not normal after injection. I have to go back to this guy until I get into someone else, The office said to take a valium before I go monday, it will relax the chest muscles & help me cope with this doc, also take someone with me. I am sweating just thinking about it, but I cant chance the pain coming back full blown, the coughing is making it all worse, I am sure it would feel abit better without the cough. Pain it a terrable thing to have to deal with everyday, I know I work to & have had my hrs. cut back to barely nothing. Passed up great job offer, that makes me want to cry alone. I can't get over these doctors. I feel really bad for you, I wish you luck with the PM doc. Can you find another one? After listening to your story I am going to order my records & keep a copy at home. I meant to do that anyway. These docs. have to cover their rearends @ the expense of the patients. That is a shame. I wonder why some of them bother becoming doctors. you can't help someone without alittle understanding & kindness.If they only knew how much that makes a difference to the patients.
I am so glad you came on the boards, use them they are a big help, people have been through so much & can offer good advice (like you did) & support. Keep me informed. I truely hope you get some relief & understanding, perhaps we will both find good docs. I still find the painful breathing to weird after the injection & I am afraid to tell this guy, but I am going to. When is your PM appointment? Be up front & honest, tell him you just want to get the best care & relief from all this pain. I will be keeping you in my prayers, Wish me luck! Sammy