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without actual pain involved,at least not that you have stated here as far as i can remeber,i realistically wouldn't call what you are having an actual head'ache',you know what i mean/tho muscle tightness can be responsible for alot of head type pain and other issues,i don't think,based on what you have stated as far as symptoms that the chronic thing would be it.JMO of course.the muscle relaxers could help considering there is a 'tightness' involved here.but this really doesn't explain the eye or perception problem,you know?i know valium has worked for me at times with certain types of headpain,those that are triggered by muscle issues.

did this doc say anything about actually doing that MRI?i would think he would at least have wanted something to look at inside there to see if anything was triggering this from the inside.if the muscle relaxers don't change anything,i would most definitely go back to this guy and ask for an MRI.i know some docs will take a slower methodical approach to Dxing certain things but considering how long this has actually been going on now i would think he would have wanted to move a bit more faster on this just to hopefully find the cause.realistically,depending on what this type of muscle relaxer actually does,i would think that if you have not really felt any actual difference in symptoms in a couple to a few weeks time,it most likely is not an actual muscle related issue,or the muslce relaxers are not the right type or strength.two possibilities to be there for no help.but i would think you should feel SOME level of improvement in that time if this actually was just triggered by muscle.i just think you should get that MRI done.you just need to know one way or the other if there really IS something not right inside.but i would stay on top of this doc til you finally get some answers soon.i think you have lived with this crap for long enough ya know?i hope these meds will work for you,but if not,go back and bug the hell outta him til he actually does some level of real diagnostic testing.please keep me posted jerry. FB
Actually, I brought the MRI results I had from my MRI test in 2005 to the appointment and he checked the disc I brought it on on his computer and he saw it was clear. Originally I thought what I had done in 05' was a cat scan but apparently it was actually an MRI.

Since I started taking the Endep tablets about a week ago I feel like my symptoms feel a bit different, not decreased exactly, but maybe its a good sign because perhaps it shows that the tablets are having some effect and that over time, as they have to time to build up in my system, could actually help to resolve my problem.

The Endep tablets are usually used as anti-depressents but in smaller doses, like I'm taking, are also used as muscle relaxants.

Do you need a precription to get Valiums? How effective was using that for you and when you used it where on your body was the sustained 'tightness', how long had that area already been feeling that way and how long did the Valium take to work? I wouldn't be able to take Valium while taking the Endep would I so after several weeks should the Endep not be working I might try that.
i would definitely stick with this for a bit and see where it takes you.you just never really know how something will work til you give it a full run.if this is some level of anti D,it usually takes a few weeks to realistically see real benefit,so just give it some time and go with the flow for now.i doubt this doc would actually Rx you valium.it is a benzodiazipine and pretty strong stuff.the only reason i have it is it helps with my leg spasticity from spinal cord injury.i NEED that level of muscle relaxant in order to stop the hell.

just an FYI about MRIs?most specialists would actually prefer to see one that has been done within the past six months since ALOT of changes can occur during just that small amount of time.if there was any sort of issue on the 05 one,he really does need to follow up with a more updated one now.just what did that old MRI report state in the summary at the very end about any possible issues going on up there?most spinal issues are progressive in nature,thats why you do need to follow up,espescially if this one is that old.that is alot of time passing there. FB