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I went to my scheduled appoitment with my w/c doc yesterday. She had been nothing but nice to me. The last visit before this noe she was so happy of my procgress that she had tears in her eyes. This time aound it was noe like that, my intital plan for this appointment was to have her remove all the restrictions so I could go back to work. Well, as most of you know I had a major flare up this weekend, I guess that what you call it. By time I got to her yesterday I could barely walk and had to use my cane again. She was late and I was her first patient, so I dont know if that was what is was that made her distant with me. The last visit she mentioned possible discharge this visit, but I guess she took one look at me and was like oh here we go again. i told her what was going on and then she asked did I do anything different, have I been sexually intimate( had groin pain) and etc. like she was trying to find some fault on my end that explains why I am feeling bad again. I reassured her that I was following all protocals, I did mention to her that sunday i was in so much pain that I basically stayed in bed that day and thats when she kinda went off, she said you need to be more active yady yady yah and all. I told her I still did my stretches and exercises as ordered, but because of the severity of the pain techinically I was in bed. She started me back on medrol dose pack(I hate this due to weight gain), ms contin 100mg and the norco to be taken at the same time as well as the valium for the spasms. I asked her did she know how long I would be dealing with this stuff and she said she was not sure and that my rest were inconclusive(okay!!!0, so I am like well whats the plan doc, I was doing fine and now this hit me hard again and I have been doing everything they have asked of me. I felt uncomfortable around her for the first time this year, I started to cry because of the pain, the frustration and the way she was acting toward me, and she told me cheer up its sunny outside. I just could not believe it. Well, anyway she put in another order for a mri and a emg again. Sometimes I wonder if they think I am putting on, because my scans dont show all the seriuos stuff, even thought there are neg. things on my report, they kinda not look too much into them unless its something really serious. I see her next week and I have to let her know how bad she made me feel as if i was not in enought of pain. So now we are back to the drawing board. All I have to say if everything is so darn fine, then why in the heck am I in sooo much pain!!!!! Find out thats all I ask so I can get on with my life, this is driving me nuts, I think If I had a real diagnosis I can handle better and know what to do with my future. Well, guys just venting again sorry so long.:mad: