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Hello Everyone,

I just had my first transforaminal epidural steriod injection for DDD and radiculopathy (I'm 27). I had it at the L5 - S1 area.

I didn't get the valium - although I pined awfully hard for one. ;) The nurses kept assuring me that the doctor doing mine was very gentle and, since I had went through labor twice without meds this wouldn't be anything. And it wasn't too bad. I had some stinging when she moved around. It hurt so much because my inflammation was "extensive." But, really, it wasn't bad.

Really, I'm in more pain NOW (4 hours after) than what I was in during the injection. I'm just hoping it works!

I'm wondering something though. I looked ESI's up in the healthboard archive and noticed people saying they went back to work after having one, they went to work the next day, etc. My doctor told me to take three days off of work because I work with little kids and I have a two year old. She told me to find sitters for the kids and take off work. And she told me no picking up after AT ALL. :confused: When the nurse was discharging me she mentioned bed rest for 24 hours and I mentioned what my doc had told me to do. She then said to follow the docs orders but I shouldn't need bed rest after tomorrow unless the pain is severe.

I haven't found any posts on here where the doc said go home and don't do a lot of standing, walking, or lifting. Is this probably just because of A) my occupation or B) my condition? I just hate being a burden to my family and sticking them with my kids for longer than I have to. I have a 4 and 2 yr old.