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I myself am going through a taper and can relate with your fear. I have been lucky enough to have a doc working with me on my taper so I can do it comfortably although I did try unsuccesfully to come off cold turkey. (I was on much higher levels than you so my situation is a little different so don't be discouraged)

Look at the message on the top of this board that has the detox plan. That is a GREAT wealth of information that is VERY helpful! It will tell you what to expect and when. I would go shopping and buy everything it says on that list because I have read on this board that it was a tremendous help for a lot of people. Read past posts too because you will see advice from REACH and SPARK who give excellent advice. Also people will talk about what they have tried and failed on, what works what doesn't.

Coming off meds is not party but you have done the right thing by coming here. You will certainly minimize your discomfort. I know that Klonopin helps and so does clonodine. I have been using epsom salt baths for my aches. Valarian root is a natural form of valium if you don't want to take a benzo. I take Valium and xanax occasionally because I hear that those are worse to come off of then the opiates so I alternate with the valerian root which really works, it just stinks really bad! I think for your levels 5-7 days is a resonible time to expect. for the physical sypmtoms. Everyone is different, and some say even 3 days is enough. I am sure everyone here will have different opinions. I can say for me, The psychological part is harder than it all, and the depression and anxiety can be really bad. I can deal with the physical part but the depression is what kills me.

Continue to ask questions. THe advice you will get here will be invaluable. I know it has been for me. Good luck!!!