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I had mylegram about 6 weeks ago. I was not given any sedation but I was allowed to take a Valium before hand. I was also told I was not allowed to drink or eat anything from 5am on except for my meds.(my appt was for 10am). For me it was painful, they actually had to use much more of the local anesthetic then normal on me, due to me feeling pretty much the entire spinal tap part and the moving around of the needle or whatever it is they stick in you. The dye was injected thru the back, because the dye actually goes into your spinal cord. I had lost a bit of use of my legs for a bit, but that went away in about 2 hours.

After it was done, I was put in a private room for about 4 hours and given something to eat and drink. I was told when I got home, to stay in bed for 24 hours and to have someone home with me,I was to do NOTHING! I was so afraid of getting the spinal headache, I stayed in bed for over 2 days, besides I was pretty sore and did not want to move anyways.

If you have any concerns please address them with the doctor who scheduled it. Honestly it was not as bad as I thought it would be, I did expect much worse. You will be fine!

Wishing you luck~

~hugs Niki