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Wow. That could potentionally be bad (the police). Was the prescription for someone else? I've done the same thing. But I never had a problem. My ex wife came back to florida fora visit and she had her boyfriends lortab script with her. I went and filled it myself (at the time i was addicted to codeine). I never had any problems. But I will be honest, I do know of a woman who got sentenced to 10 years in prison for writing false prescriptions for herself. Althoug you didnt write it, so you should be ok. Probably just send you back for a more extensive drug rehab and detox center. I hope everything works out for you. Pill addiction is hard. Right now my addiction is benzos (valium and xanax) and i still frequently take lortabs. Actually, I owe my boss 75 dollars for some lortabs he fronted me just a few days ago. Im not as addicted to the pain killers, but if I can get them.. I will. But im never on the hunt for them. If someone says they have some, I'll get them. I wouldnt call it an addiction, more like.. a "hobby" lol.
I wouldn't be worrying about the police. The truth is, you are small potatoes and you just aren'ta priority for them right now which is a good thing for you. Are you coming off your meds right now cold turkey? If that is the case, that is why the panic and derpression and hoplesness you are feeling. Give it a few days and it WILL get better. Get some Valarian Root which is the vitamin version of Valium. Crawl into bed and just sleep this off. Don't give up, you can handle this. God doesn't give is what we can'thandle!