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Well, He gave me a prescripton of 10MG valium and told me to take two a day. I did not lie to him and told him I abused my xanax, and felt I was becoming addicted. He gave me these and told me to keep it at a MINIMUM as much as possible until they are gone. I have 40 of them with one refill. I get my xanax refilled in 2 weeks. In which case, when my valium is gone, I should have two 90count bottles of xanax. He then told me to go back to my normal 3 a day and keep it that way. He also got me an appointment with another doctor who may or may not take away all of my benzos. I'm not sure yet. He also suggestion I go see a psychologist to find out EXACTLY what is wrong. I went to one for 2 years in my mid teens, thats when I found out about my anxiety. So, I guess this is kind of tapering.. But only if I can manage to keep my benzo use to a bare minimum and not abuse them. I'm guessing this is my last chance with my doctor after telling him I did abuse them. But not on purpose to get high, I did it because I was addicted and 3 a day was not helping me. So if I cant make this work, I'm guessing ill check myself into drug rehab and detox. Then try something non addictive. Although I dont know of any medications prescribed for anxiety besides xanax and valium. I'm not depressed. I get depressed at times, everybody does. But I dont have chronic depression. Or so I dont think. Maybe my psychologist will be able to explain things more. I dont know. We'll see
Because in 2 weeks i get my script for 90. and it will have one more refill. im not taking any xanax until all of my valium is gone. i have 40 valium, with one refill. by the time my valium is gone, i will have two bottles of 90 count valiums. same script, just refills.

Also, I did great today taking the valium. I didnt get a "buzz" like xanax does, but i did not crave or have any withdrawl symptoms at all. I also did great at work (im a cook, just started cooking last week) and everything i cooked i got compliments on. I work in fine dining, so I make my food pretty. "you eat with your eyes" is my motto. If you wouldnt eat something, dont serve it. I was completely in tune with myself and work. I had no worries at all. Although still a little distant and non social, I did talk alot more than usual when I dont have xanax. So all in all it went wonderfull