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Hi Again, when I had my first round of epidurals prior to both surgeries, I took a valium and received a shot of demerol in my tush so that I was calm and in a twilight state..

I think I am going to have another round of epidurals from my pain mngmt doc. (post surgeries) I am wondering if he would use this same protocol prior to my epidurals as well? I am a wimp and need to be medicated!

Can you tell me your experience about what you do prior to receiving the epidurals? Is taking a valium and getting a shot common?

Thanks in advance!
It will all depend on your doctor and your insurance. When I had mine done, they gave me meds to fall asleep and not remember the injection. Just be sure to remind them ahead of time that you dont handle it well. I have never received valium before a shot though. I think its versed in the IV.
Good Luck! Hope you are feeling better!