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If you want to stop, go to your doctor of counselor. Tell him or her he truth, you drink too much, you are having withdrawals, but you want to quit. The recommended treatment for alcohol detox is guarded doses of benzos like valium, etc which will help prevent seizures, stroke, or other dangerous effects of alcohol withdrawal. Many docs prefer that you detox in a medical facility so any problems can be addressed. Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous. I have heard of doctors actually recommending that you don't stop drinking cold turkey.

Fortunately, unlike many other drugs, the severe physical withdrawal symptoms of alcohol are relatively short lived. The anxiety generally only lasts less than 24 hours. Of you can get through it, then next problems you will have to contend with are sleeplessness, possible brain "zaps", and feeling like you have balance problems. They are all pretty minor and easy to deal with compared to the initial symptoms.

A close friend of mine in college was an addict. I know so much because I helped her through withdrawals from alchohol and opiates on several occasions. Unfortunately, she couldn't get out of its grip and died last year at the age of 29 from sudden total liver failure occurring from mixing alcohol with large doses of acet. from hydrodrocodone.

Hope this helps, and best of luck to you!