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I am addicted to Lorazapam, the generic version of Ativan. I have been on it for years. Before that it was valium. I am epileptic and I have had a downward spiral since my dad died. I've been put on meds that increase anxiety (I have anxiety to begin w/ as a result of the epilepsy) so my neuro put me on Lorazapam. I take 5 mgs a night right now. I'm living w/ my mom who has cancer and isn't doing well. If it wasn't for the lorazapam, I think I'd die. I can't breathe sometimes, the physical symptoms are so severe.

In all honesty, I can't fathom ever not taking it.

My brother was on lorazapam a few years ago after my dad died and he was told by a doctor that you need to wean off it. You can't stop cold turkey. He switched to valium (which his doctor told him was less addictive than ativan) and weaned.
Just know this.The Ashton Manual(considered by many as a Bible) states that as much as 50% of people can just get right off!! Now,I would use librium as directed..it is very much like valium.Stay positive.You will be fine,albeit with the same issues.Those you can take care of.