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Hi Red, once you make your decision to stop, then by al means tell your dr. 2 reasons.- 1 is he/she can help you taper down or detox with a substituted med, and also give you some comfort meds like valium, and clonodine. 2nd reason if you dont tell him/her, then as soon as you detox your gonna have cravings for a while and you will end up going right on back and getting more pills. So now the dr knows not to give you the pills. Spark is 100% correct that if you continue to use, its going to get worse, meaning needing more just to keep withdrawls away, and will be much harder to detox from higher dosages. Trust me it is no fun, but it can be done. I am 41 days today from a 320mg/day oxy habit. Good luck my freind!