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Hello. I know the feeling, since June of this year I have the same dizziness, and doctors don't find anything. I did an MRI with and w/o contrast, of the brain, CT SCAN of the brain, EEG, EKG, Lab Work (enzymes of the heart) ECHO everything the only thing I needto check now is my neck and also my carothoids (a ultrasound) that my cardiologist will perform next week.
do you have nauseas, vomits, etc?? Do you loss your hearing perhaps?
I think you should check with a Ear doctor (nose, ear and throat) and then if he don't find anything go to a neurologist to check your brain.
My doctor gave me Antivert 25 mg or Valium 2 mg but I only take when I have the episodes. My episodes are very strange I don't receive any sign of it before.
Let me know please and good luck