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Are you a good candidate for implants in terms of overall health and bone density?

Will you require bone grafts?

Will you be sedated - if so, with what (nitrous oxide, valium, etc?) and how will it be administered? How long will the procedure take?

How long will the implants require to heal before the posts and denture can be attached?

Will you be able to wear your current denture after the implants are inserted and during the healing period before the posts and new denture are attached?

Will you need a new denture? If so, who makes it, him or do you need to go to another dr? Obviously if you need a new denture by another dr the price he quotes for the implant surgery will not include the denture.

What happens if they fail to heal properly or become infected?

Also, if you are taking any meds for any other health conditions - ask if they could interefere with the healing process or bone density issues or anethesia being used. Ask about metal allergies and what type of metal the implants will be.

Ask for an itemized list of fees/costs of everything required so you know up front what to expect in total. Ask if periodic visists for evaluation as the implants heal are included. Most drs only want partial payment up front and then final payment once the posts and prosthetics (partial, bridge, denture) are completed.

Hope that helps some. Good Luck.