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I'm not too sure where to start, but I need some help and information with a situation that is going on in my family. I have written in on these boards many times over the years and I am a Chronic Pain Patient myself. When my sister told me about my Nephew's Hydrocodone and Valium use, I could help and advise her, because I know quite a bit about prescription drugs. I'm on SSD (four years) and take Methadone daily for my pain problems.

Apparently, a couple days ago, my sister found or saw pieces of foil squares that were burned on one side in her son's room. I guess there were several and although they knew something was going on with drug use, they didn't have a clue as to what is was. My Nephew is 22 and lives at home, while going to school.

My sister called a drug hotline this morning for help and information as to what is going on and what, if anything can be done. They told her it sounded like he was sniffing the smoke from the foil and from her description it sounded like Meth or Black Tar Heroin. From my limited knowledge of the situation and what I have been able to reiterate to you, can anyone shed any light on the situation? He was doctor shopping and was addicted to Hydrocodone while going to school away from home. He ended up doing some jail time and in- patient detox, but if I understand things properly, this is the first time he has started buying off the street.

Any information or suggestions you can pass along would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about this being so vague, but they live over a 1,000 miles from us and I just got a phone call today.