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NH -take a deep breath --relax for a second. You are doing what I do all the time. This one day at a time, not anything else. If you have been pooping ( i have a baby) or throwing up and cant keep fluid in you, then you have two choices RIGHT NOW. either take 3-4 immodium (works great and has an ingredient like hydro-so it helps) or find a walk in clinic or ER and tell them that you are tapering off meds for your back and you would like something to help the withdrawals. Let them know you are not asking for opiods, you are just asking for something to take off the edge for a few days. Ativan, valium or some blood pressure meds will help. They will know you are not fibbing due to your BP and pulse. It will be VERY HIGH. that is why we feel bad. I have just sucked it up and dealt with it the last few times, but that is me and you are you. Do what you have to do. We are here for you though --that should help some. I know it did for me.