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Sounds simuair to what I am experiancing, rib pain, scapula, upper chest, shoulder & that pain in the ribs is god awful, it swells & have not been able to wear a bra since may, god forbid something touches that area. not much helps but ice or hot packs. So far I have been told it can come from the thoracic spine area, done doc even mentioned the c-spine & now they are looking in the the shoulder & yes I have had the palpatations that have sent me to into ER. Scary! The pain is spreading on the left side & can go up the neck, it is a weird tingling sensation, & the rib even upper left chest area swells with alot of muscle spasms. No one as of yet has found the root of the problem but little things are showing up in tests. It is frustrating & meanwhile I am loosing the use of my left arm. I have an appointment with an surgeon at end of the month & praying he discovers something. For some reason every one who has a problem simulair to this is has a hard time finding an diagnosis. I feel for you & am going to start asking alot of questions before my next appointment I want to go in prepared as I can to this surgeon. I have had this almost 3 years & in may it became constant. I know it is linked to an injury, I had to really think back & I remember hurting myself moving into my new home. I hope you find out something it is a terrable thing to go through, I can tell you at times a small dose of valium works to calm the muscles down & helps with the fear of the palpations, that should not be ignored. I also take pain meds but some days they just don't work well. I am very active so for me this is so hard & every now & then I do scream out of pure frustration, can't even make my own bed at times. Don't know if any of this sound familair to you but hopefully you get to the bottem of it. For me it is getting worse & pain is radiating further into ribs & back. Good luck, Sammy