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I had hurt my back 2 times the last was in 2001 and that was my last mri.
That showed disc desiccation,osteophyte formation L2-L5,central disc herniation L5/S1 impressing on the thecal sac,and bulging L2/L3 L3/L4

I have had episodes of sciatica along with constant aching in both legs and flare ups of lower back pain.The problem is the back pain is getting worse and constant have not had a day without it in 8 months and the episodes of sciatica are getting much more frequent and much more painful.
Last night I went to the er after curling up in the fetal position for 3 hours.They gave me Valium and Torodol injections along with 60 mg of prednisone for a week and skelaxin and vicoden.
The problem is it is a Workman's comp case and the insurance carrier denied a new mri so I have to go to court a reopen the case.
How do you people deal with your pain I cant stand pain pilss and muscle relaxers for long term.I usually just take celebrex.
I havent had any surgery ,just wasnt time yet.I actually found my old lawyer who split his parnership up today.It was by total chance.So reopening the compensation case shouldnt be too difficult.
Now that the valium and torodol wore off i am back to looking like quasimodo (as my sister says) whenever I get up.
I wish I could use my regular insurance Blue cross/Blue shield to take care of this it would be so much easier.