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Thanks for the Responses. It doesn't seem like there is any activity that provokes it. It is just a constant deep ache that radiates, and goes down mid thigh. It has been very rainy the last few days. I'm in Northwest Indiana. I decided to just stay on my pain meds until I see them in January. We're about an hour and a half from the Dr. so its not just someone I can run in and see. They're not very good about getting back to me either. I guess I'm just afraid that maybe this was all for nothing. And I'm sure all of you have had the same feelings! I think I've been pretty patient (the first 12 weeks anyway). Hopefully I'll find out more in January. Were you told not to take any anti inflammatories? I feel that is what I need, but they told me no advil, motrin etc. I guess they all have their own protocols they follow. So basically I'm on Vicoden. They gave me valium too, but I don't notice it does much unless its a day that I'm totally losing it! I had planned to go back to work in about a week. (I'm a nurse in oncology. But, theres no way thats going to happen. I'd probably last about 2 hours. I also do photography. I have been doing that since about 6 weeks post op. But thats intermittant, and I do my own scheduling, so its not like the nursing job. As far as the pain scale, I think mine is a little different.....................I think I would put smashing my fingers in a car door very close to childbirth!!!! I've been rating mine about a 6 the last few days. But actually I hate that scale. If the Dr. doesn't really know you personally that scale means nothing to me. Like you all said, everyone rates pain differently. My 6 may be your 2!!. Thanks again. Didn't mean to write a letter, but theres no one to talk to except someone thats had it done!
Thanks for your response. I've only had one post op visit, so I guess not being in touch with them very often, you start to think you should be further along then you are. I'm only on Vidoden, which Im trying to stay at one a day. I have valium, but it doesn't seem to do much. Have a wonderful day. Merry Christmas! I've been up since 3 am, so I'm going to grab a quick nap before we start our parties. Very difficult to get a full nights sleep!