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Around the beginning of september I went to my doctor because of an extremely random, intense dizzy spell. I had had these 'dizzy' spells probably about 5 individual times since I was 16 (im 19 now) but each time I would feel ok again in the morning. No diagnosis was ever made apart from suspected anxiety attacks..even though I knew thats now what it was as I wasnt remotely anxious at the time (until the symptoms began) and they came out of nowhere..sometimes causing me to lose consciousness momentarily. Because the symptoms did not persist I didnt pursue it as I felt fine. But as I said in september I had another one of these dizzy spells but instead of feeling ok the next day I felt very out of sorts..my mind felt cloudy and like I was on some kind of drug and it just wouldnt go away. So I went and she said I had a middle ear infection..although strangely I experienced absoltely no pain or hearing loss..and also she suspected labrynthitis because of the type of dizziness I had described...no tests were done however this was pretty much a guess I assume!

At first she said both problems were viral so prescribed me with stemitil for the dizzyness which did nothing. Then I went back with a raging temperature and she said both must be bacterial so gave me a weeks course of antibiotics. The temperature went away but the hazy/spaced out feeling persisted and I did start to feel a bit better as I wasnt having any intense episodes of dizzyness anymore. Then the middle ear infection came back about 2 weeks ago (and also the labrynthitis she suspects) so I was given another weeks course of antibiotics which cleared up the middle ear infection but I still feel totally out of it!

I went back to the doctors again and this time she was a bit funny with me. Claiming that I should no longer be experiencing the dizzyness and it was probably just anxiety so offered me valium which I refused and told her yes I was anxious but ONLY because of the way the inner ear problem was making me feel..just like anyone would be anxious if they felt like their mind was on another planet! It was clear I was getting no-where with her and she insisted I have a panick disorder and i should not be feeling dizzy from the labrynthitis any longer.

I did some reading on the internet (and came across this site also) and discovered that my doctor is wrong and that the brain can take months/years to compensate from potential permanant damage and that its perfectly normal to feel anxious/depressed. Because of the way I was treated last time Im quite reluctant to go back but of course I need to but dont quite no what to say as I know as soon as I say 'Ive been reading up on the internet' shes probably going to roll her eyes etc. I feel really really down because of this and feel like no-one has properly explained this to me or taken me seriously..I started a new job in september also and I've managed to only have a week off because of this but I feel so ill and hate coming into work feeling like this...especially when its office work so Im sat down all day which dosent help. I want a proper diagnosis so I know that I havent got anything else underlying..do I have the right to insist I am referred to an ENT? As I dont think I can afford to see a private one.

I used to occasionally use recreational drugs..shortly before this all started so obviously this has got me worried as well..that its something to do with that. I obviously havent touched anything since including alcohol and its definatly changed my perspective on drugs whether they are related to this or not.

Just a bit of a rant really. If anyone has any advice would be much appreciated & I'm very glad I found some information/this site.