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I've become tolerant to my Xanax (1mg 2x per day).....I have frequent panic attacks all day long. I wake up in a horrific state.

Where the Xanax would calm my butt down, they aren't doing anything anymore. even if I didn't need one, I'd still have to take it so I don't go through withdrawal.

My Psychiatrist said that's not a good thing, and wants me to stop taking the Xanax and take the equivilent dosage of Valium in place of it.

I told him I was scared of doing that---wouldn't I go through withdrawal? And he said that because they are both Benzos, and they both work on the same receptor sites, I wouldn't experience withdrawal symptoms.

when I told my friends this, they told me that it sounded ridiculous in their opinion. So of course, I panicked.
Is this a normal routine when switching benzos?

My Psychiatrist told me "Trust me, I am your doctor. I know how this works." I wish I could just trust him....I'm so scared. I'm always scared.
Thank you so, so much for your encouragement.

My friends have all but abandoned me since my panic disorder turned me agoraphobic...they're just so rude with their commentary sometimes. Saying my doctor sounds ridiculous for switching me from Xanax to Valium cold turkey.

I asked my doctor, if they're the same drugs why do they have different names? He told me it's like exchanging a Big Mac for a Quarterpounder...same thing, different name I guess.

I have no choice but to trust him. He's prescribed me Valium and won't prescribe me the Xanax anymore. So I have no choice but to switch when my Xanax runs out.

I'm scared. I'm always scared. *sigh*