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I took hydro for a herniated disc in my lower back for about a year. Went from 260 to 190 in that time from, but took the prescribed amount the doctor gave me. Still, I knew it wasn't helping and I was getting hooked. This was like 2002.

I didn't want to take that much codeine to just function in life, so I found a doctor to help me get off the stuff. Started to take Suboxone. For about four years, I took Suboxone.

Started out with 16 mg a day and got all the way down to about .25 mg. Had my ups and downs with .25 to even 1 mg a day depending on my back pain... but last Thursday I totally STOPPED taking it.

I'm having some issues with WD pains and didn't know what people might recommend I do to help. My family doctor gave me a script for valium but that makes me so tired.

What else can I do? How long will I deal with these WD's when I was taking between .25 mg and .50 mg a day????