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I just went to the dentist this morning. I am a paranoid freak about the dentist. I don't know whats worse, the cost or the whole experience. I have a great dentist, very down to earth and makes you feel like the dentist is no big deal. anyway, I have had a hole in my tooth a for a while, and I can barely eat anything, because the same tooth on the other side had a root canal two years ago, and I am bad and never had the post put into it, and so it cracked an looks awful. this is 4 teeth from the front. it feels weird now, so I had them look at that tooth as well. well, after x rays and all that stuff, he said they can build up the tooth that broke, i guess thats lucky, because , usually when a root canal tooth breaks, it breaks all the way up where the nerve was filled, and it has to be pulled. my other tooth ( with the hole) needs a root canal now. So he started the first process of it today. he numbed me up, but I had a bad feeling about it, even though I was numb. then he hit that spot OUCH!!! I was like shaking uncontrollably. he told me its just pressure. no way. pressure does not feel like that. I closed my eyes as tight as I could and grabbed the chair as he started grinding away again,. I think he got the point , because after that, he shot the Novocaine right into the nerve. I have to go back Monday for the rest, and then again to put in the post ( I'm doing it this time!!) and fix the other tooth. I thought I would need Valium today, i have the worst phobia of the dentist. I can have babies, but the dentist- no thanks!! should be just about poor when this is all finished, right before Christmas, too. yay!!