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Hey I hope you can find some help here. There are a couple of people who are friends, or spouses of addicts. You are right, he is the only one who can get himself clean. Interventions only work sometimes, I know my mom did one with her sister, alcohol and valium or something but she had to commit her for 72 hours. During that time, she went through withdrawals hard core and finally agreed at the last hour to try another week. My aunt has had numerous relapses. Did the intervention work, in part it did because at the time she was married and he threatened to not let her see their son.
The thing with your brother is that he has a partner, spouse? I can't remember sorry i'm still in a fog. Is he the one you are focussing on because if you do an intervention for him, then the partner has to take the kids. It's a legal right unless they both go. It's very hard to do an intervention for two people.
As for the kids, that is a worry, go over as much as you can. Be the best darn aunt they ever had. Sometimes when the children feel safe with a trusted adult they speak the truth. You can find alot out about watching childrens body language, their eyes when someone walks into a room.
Another thing is to have them draw, important people in their lives, houses, trees.
look for feet, look for very big compared to very small. no feet means that the person does not appear to be grounded. Very big to very small is fear of the big guy even if he/she is not. I can't really remember the rest, I took a class on children in crisis, or children family therapeutics solutions. Who knows what it was but it gave me some insight into what to look for.
Another one I learned from being a Nanny, is when one girl gets scared of maybe a time out, she laughs. It is vey annoying, but it means she is really scared. The other one just runs away and gives himself a time out. Kids can be really different.
Bottom line is be there as much as you can for them.
Talk to your mom about a possible intervention, research it alot.
Find out if they are really staying together.
Take the kids for a "fun aunt" weekend
Wait for others to post for I am a newbie, i know my aunt has had an intervention, my dad never ever got help and I am in the process of detoxing. I want to recover and that's what your brother needs to want in order to live. It sounds like you are truly scared he is going to die. Have you called the family doc?
Ok i am now rambling way too much. Just try to check in often on the kids and be there for them make sure they are safe. If they dont feel safe, create a code. Like give them your phone number and let it ring twice and have them hang up. You go right over. something like that. Maybe others can help you.
This is about the longest post I have ever written. Geez you touched a cord.
Mary Pat