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[QUOTE=Care_for_me;3356309]does anyone know anything about this pill.
my doctor gave it to me for my back and my head.
i've some weird things about it.
but i was just wondering if anyone could educate me more on it.

One of those combination meds - nothing new. Contains aspirin, caffeine, codeine and meprobamate. Supposedly it is a combination analgesic and muscle relaxant. You may not be familiar with meprobamate which before Valium and all its relatives was a popular minor tranquilizer (called Miltown and Equanil). So it can make you sleepy. It had a reputation at one time as a depressant so if you have a tendency in that direction you should probably find something else. Also, it's one to avoid during pregnancy. Probably you can find better tho' this has been around for decades so is maybe worth a try.