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Hi my reachy fairy folly bundle of holly jolly joy

Great to hear and be with you on Christmas Eve, I tried to do some baking, but I did that with my mom and now she is gone and I got so glued to the couch I couldn’t even think about the mixmaster and all that flour flying without her. My family is all of everywhere except with me this year, for the first since ever and I am feeling extremely empty. So, I guess I will do the baking when family comes back in the New Year. Or maybe not?

Yes I researched the antidepressant too right after I read your post. I got, it helps with sleep, which is good, which I need, is supposed to help with sexdrive, which some say I need but I could definitely could live without it and get thee into a nunnery, and they say there is a side effect with weight gain(which I don’t want.) It belongs to the Remeron family (sp) which I have heard nasty things about. My mother as you remember was ex addict alcohohic in recovery. My mother was on Remeron (sp) 3 years before she passed, I remember I begged her not to take them at the time, I advised her on my alternative medicines but since she was a nurse in her day she followed the duty of doctors orders. After she started to take them, she lost interest in everything, didn’t bake, knit, walk, shopping, traveling, visiting, lost interest in everything, was always worried and had trouble making decisions, my dad cared for her the last 6 months of her life. But then again she was dying, and we didn’t know it til 2 weeks before she passed to the other side.

Yes, I was depressed before the opioid withdrawal, I have been fighting depression since 1982 where I had a horrific, sadistic episode of being tortured then I had boughts of reckless behavior which toiled me with suicidal tendencies for a while with my reckless behaviors.. They say I am in the 10 percentile of women left alive by a trio preditators / perpetrators from which I am eternally grateful for (because I am alive today) I have been recently diagnosed (PTSD)and Agraphobia and claustrophobia. grieve and loss.so far, more to come…yekkk. So for me it is more psychological rather than pain management.

Your antidepressant sounds nice, I haven’t even started to take mine yet, my doctor gave me more valium in September after my mother passed and now I have to wean off the valium and he thinks the mirazapine might help with that. The dependably is not yet really bad, but of course it will be if I carry on with them. It’s only been 3 months this time around. Hell to come off as you know and as I have experienced. So here we are back on the hopscotch square. I cried for 3 hours straight, member last year, I couldn't cry at all - well not now..I had to cover my mouth so the neighbors wouldn’t think I was getting beaten up, I was crying everywhere in public He didn’t want to give me the Valium at all, but I assured him, excuse me -
my addict re-assured him I would be Ok for one month and I have talked him into 3 months of them from trauma and panic attacks..And I know about these devils, I was on them for 8 years and it was bloody hell W/D for one year tapering as you know. I doubt he will give me any more cause he knows of my past addiction and he thinks this antidepressant will do the job for me psychologically and also help with any w/d off the Valium, but he is not an addiction doctor, he is a GP. I guess the only bad thing is that I will gain weight. And who cares, as long as the light from within is still there.

What is happening in your life my sweet? We all have so much work to do on ourselves. Now I must go and search for your threads to find out how you have been, but you can tell me everything, anything.

love you

So that is it in a Christmas eve nutshell
Happy Christmas Day my angel:angel: