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I just ran across your post. I am 12 weeks post op. I went to my daughters house this morning and did 1.7 miles on her treadmill and was in such pain that I cryed half the morning. I'm trying to cut down on my painpills. I finally took a vicoden, then I did some cold packs. Then I ended up in the tub soaking, and then a valium. Basically the day sucked, and I'm thinking why did I ever do this!! My pre op pain went on for about 13 months. I had a previous laminectomy years ago and during that 13 months went through all the treatments, therapy, traction, blocks, tens unit. etc. and thought I was ready for surgery. I don't see the Dr. for 2 more weeks and then I'm supposed to start PT. I had the initial week or so when I came home from the hospital. So I have no idea where I stand. I don't know if this is normal. I hope not. Anyway ,long story short, I undertand the frustration you're feeling. I had no idea the recuperation would be this long. I'm a nurse and I do photography on the side. Theres no way I could go back to the nursing job at this point. Not meaning to sound like a downer................this is just whats going on with me.