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Oh Moldova, my heart just broke into a million pieces reading your post. I see you are a fighter though as you are here to tell us about it. You experienced that waiver they insist we sign in case something happens. Was is something they did wrong to cause it? I'm sure you will never know but I thank god that you pulled through.

A friend of mine just went through another fusion with her SI joint with her hip. Not sure of all they did, but it was in one of our new hospitals here. The ER is horrible, misdiagnosing all of the time but the hospital itself is supposed to be great. Well, they were over medicating her so bad after the surgery they had to give her medicine to counteract all that they had given her and she didn't wake up for 1 1/2 days because of it. It was really scary but she didn't have half of what you went through. They had her on a dilated pump, a morphene patch, oral dilated every 2 hours, valium every 2 hours, xanax every few hours and that isn't even all of it. I thought, what? Are they nuts? But when she was released they sent her home with much of the same. I do NOT want to go there.

Since you have been away, I saw my neurosurgeon and he said I am finally fused 1 1/2 yrs later and he is releasing me from his care. Regardless of the fact that I am worse now than before and he won't even discuss my leg numbness and the spasms I have been having. My Pain Management doc moved away and referred me out of Mayo to another PM and so far he is so wonderful. I am starting to think that it is best I get away from there and find someone to listen. My leg is really worrying me because I keep losing my balance too. It is swollen, that is new but I really think that I am going to lose use of my leg. It sure feels that way anyway. But, enough about me.

I really really really think deep in my heart you should share this with your daughter. I too am close to my parents and I get so angry when I find something out after the fact and it hurts. However, since you have already made the decision not to, after she has had the baby, I really think you should tell her, and also tell her the reasons you withheld it from her at that time. That will help her control her emotions a bit better and it might even give her that little something not to always worry so much and think the worst. It is hard for us because we love you so much!

With that said, I wish you happy healthy healing and a wonderful 2008!