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Hi all,

I have had a ton of dental work done for the past 20 years. My top 6 front teeth were root-canaled 10 years ago and a bridge put in. The bridge never fit right so now my new dentist is making me a new one.

My two front teeth both have abcesses, which a re-root canal cannot fix. The infection is too high up. My dentist has referred me to a surgeon to do an Apicoectomy. I go for the consultation on the 14th then will schedule surgery.

Can anyone tell me their experience with this procedure? I am going to be "put out" via IV sedation. I do not feel comfortable just taking a Valium and being loopy. :)

What can I expect? Will there be a lot of pain and bruising afterwards? Will their be stitches? Is this going to be a huge incision?

Also, about how much does this cost? I am in NH, and have no dental insurance.

Sorry for all the questions! I am very nervous.

Thank you so much in advance,