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I've been having similar problems. I have been going to all types of dr for the past three years. It started with gland swelling sensation and the docs said it was gerd and anxiety. I have been to pt and chiros and am currently under chiro only. My problem is that now I have pain in my mid back, behind my neck and my shoulders burn. Ok. so here is the thin :confused:Yes percs help tremendously, but valium did too. However, cymbalta made me to wired and I get this sensation in my glands that they are swelling from the cymbalta and other certain meds. Docs don't know what I mean and just brush it off with the gerd diagnostic. Anyway, I am just concerened about the longterm effects of using percs. I have found relieve by getting my neck and back massaged by a pt. But how long can this go on. Anyway, I hope someone out there can explain or let me know if they have experienced the following:

Sensation of swollen glands
severe aches and pain on the back of neck
mid back spine aches
Burning sensation at the shoulders.

Thanks -