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my friend has a routine where he takes 3 days of methadone, 3 days of klonopin, and then he has another four days where he's not allowed to take either. Because of this he needs drugs that aren't in the opiate or benzo drug class that will either help with his pain, or make him so high so that he doesn't even care about his chronic pain. here are the specifics -

(again) I'm looking for drugs or herbs that are NOT opiates or benzo's (valium, klonopin, et cetera).

Please fill out the following to the best of your knowledge.

For the following DRUGS (not herbs), please stick to legal, prescription drugs only! Thank you!

Best non-opiate, non-benzo pain management drugs:

Best non-opiate/benzo sedative (besides ambien, because that stuff is weak):

Best non-opiate, non-benzo drug that yields XTC like euphoria, or as close as it gets:

Herbs (prescription, Non prescription, legal, illegal - doesn't matter, just as long as they're COMPLETELY SAFE):

Best herb(s) for pain management: (please list here)

Best sedative herb(s):

Best herb(s) that yield euphoria, so that even if one is in pain, one cares less about it because one is in such a euphoric state. As in, most valium like herb(s):

[SIZE="4"]I value your opinions! Please share them!
[QUOTE=feelbad;3385110]I am a bit confused about this pain management 'routine' this couldn't possibly have been set up by any real doc?sounds a bit insane really.just why is he doing so many days on and so many days off?that just is not good solid continuous PM,no way no how?what are his actual pain issues?i am assuming he "set" this up himself but cannot figure out why he would actually go days without any real pain meds in his system(unless there is some level of addiction issue or his pain is being woefully undermedicated by his treating doc).like i said,not good PM.he will never be able to achieve good managed pain with this set up.has he seen an actual pain management doc who could set up a good continuous type of plan for him?i am just abit confused here thats all.could you explain? FB

Yeah, after taking methadone for three days, it stays in ones system for 5 days, and then my friend needs to take two days off it in addition to avoid dependence. the same is true for klonopin. my friend can take it for three days, but then it takes a week for it to get out of his system, so he has to to stay off of it for a week before taking it again in order to avoid dependence.

so - 3 days methadone. 7 days no methadone (to avoid dependence).
then 3 days klonopin, 7 days no klonopin (to avoid dependence).
that means im covered with some sort of drug for 6 out of 10 days. (because my friend is doing 3 days on a drug, then 7 days off, which = 10 days).

so now my friend has 4 of 10 days where all he has is tramadol, which wont even really work until the methadone is all out of his system because methadone blocks everything else from occupying opiate receptors.
so, what my friend needs is a non-opiate, non-benzo that he can take for four days, that will either give him pain relief, or euphoria so he does not care about his pain.

in addition, my friend needs a sleep med that works well (he doesnt like ambien) because he has trouble sleeping no matter what.

side note: my frirends doctor says klonopin, valium, and all of the benzos are practically the same, but is that true? i've heard valium is more euphoric? is that true or is klonopin really as good as it gets in the benzo class?

thanks SO much