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Hello Everyone,

I am still in a lot of pain! And as far as the pain meds go they are dished out into a med box with the day and hour that they are to be taken so they the person taking care of me and my self do not forget, You know....wound'nt want to take an extra or forget one dose eitherr

My non has been here most of the time except for about a 24 -36 hour timefram that was really hard for me. I ahd a friend here for a wile but it just was not the same. I was glad to have her with me though.
I still have some durgical pain at the incisions area ans some neck and arm pain but I think that will go asway soon

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and that was quite and experience. I was pretty well zonked out after that and rested the rest of the day and nihgt,

So today as long as the weather permits I will don my sweatsuit and shoes and of course my mom for suppot and get moving. I gotta get moving.

I have this one place on my head where the tape is covering the wound that won't stp hurting, It is a constant nerve type pain. I will ask doc about that when I make appt to se him ths morning.

I did have the urinary retentuion pretty bad and they had to put the catheter in. They tried ti take it out but it did nit work so I had it in almost up to the time I went home. It is still a little hard to urinate but I am making progress.

The pain was well managed in the hospital.
I Had a continuos amount of Demoral going in through th IV plush a PCA punp that I was allowed to press every 6 minutes (Demoral) if needed. I was also on percocet 10-2o mg oral and 10 mg Valium evey 8 and viseril every 8 hours.

When I was sent home I was sent home wiht the same orals I had on the hospital. So far I had to only call the doc one time becaus pain to abd and he said take an extra percocet and an Ibuprofin and see if that would help...but just that one time.

I am running at a constant level of 7 on the scale bu it is doanle for now and I anticipate it will get better over time.

Thanks Chrissy:)

I have used lido patches before and they did help with my arm. I know they ae very expensive and I only have discount prescription coverage.

I did not walk today because the pain was just to much. I went to a meeting and then had the friend who drove me there drive me to get a few groceries. She did all the pushing and liftine bless her heart. She is pregnat 8 months and has her own neck probs. She had an ACDF that relieved the neurological probs but not to much pain relief and is limited to what she can take because of the pregnancy(not a plain preg)

Anyway when I got home I decided to call the doc and ask some questions about my pain and why so much burning still. The gal who answered asked me a buch of questions and then said she would try to get the doc on the phone. He was so busy that when she came back she said that he tolld wer if I wanted to go to the ER I could and have them evaluate me, or I could tough it out untill he could call me this afternoon. He also said for them to make sure and let him know I was there.

I know he is a very busy doc but if I dont here from him by 7 PM I am going to the ER.
I am taking 2 10/325 every 4 hours or a litlle longer inbetween. I have valium but I hate that crap and visteril every 8 hours.
But the burning is from my earlevel on the back of my head down my neck and into the shoulder or trapizieous area but deep pain not muscle pain. I also have it still where the hot dagger feeling was at the base of the neck and shoulder line berfore surgery.

I just do not know if this is normal and I am very concerned.

I live alone and I can't drive. Sitting on the toilet hurts and I can't hold a phone to my left ear because that is to mainful. Brushing my teeth elevates the burning.
I have a soft collar that I wera somtimes but not all the time.

I am afraid and I am all alone at home and I am supposed to do everything on my own. Today I am not even in the mood to stick a frozen in the micro. No appetite really
Shower and wash hair forgetit.
I am so darn sad and depressed.
I hope he calls soon.

To be honest I know I am ok because God always takes care of me but I am scared. In the end I know I will get better but I guess I just donnt know if this is all normal pain or not.

Below my shoulder line feels warn and swaollen but my wound looks good as far as color---not like infection or anything.

Well everyone please just keep those words of encouragment and prayers because right now I need all I can get

Love you all....Chrissy:angel: