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deb is right.what you can also do here is ask your doc for a bit of relaxation with something like a small amount of valium.this always helps me to just relax alot easier and also helps standing the pain of having to stay in that one posistion when my legs want to do the spastic happy dance.unfortunetly,no one LIKES needles but sometimes they are just something that you have to deal with.i watched my then 12 year old son go thru sooo many blood draws and bunch of other needle involved crap while he was going thru liver failure/transplant that i just feel if he could do that(and was also just sooo amazing thru it all too.way better than his parents),what was i complaining about ya know?he still has to have monthly blood draws.just put your mind in your "happy place" and try to relax as much as possible when they go to stick.it does help to not think about it while its occuring.its a very quick stick and over in a second.thinking about it and anticipating it is actually worse than the actual stick itself.in my experience actually having my blood drawn hurts a heck of alot more than an IV being started.

what this boils down to is that you really DO need to have the test,its in your best interest to just do it.and adding the contrast will really help in obtaining the best possible pics of the area where you are having problems.sometimes we just have to do something because to not do it could have possible consequences or make a dx much harder to make.if you really feel like being in that MRI will be an issue,just speak to the facility that is doing it and ask about possible sedation with your MRI.if you are going to be having an IV anyway,they can also give you something to better relax you.either that or what i mentioned above,just speak with your doc about it.the valium really does help me and i have had to have like 16? MRIs done on various body parts just in the past 7 years.

you will do just fine.worrying about something before it happens is natural but in most cases,its not as bad as the reality of it when it actually takes place.there are much worse things than an MRI or having an IV started that you could have to deal with if you don't just get this done,ya know?just check out all your possible options to make this as easy as possible.once you have things set and in place,it just makes some of that fear of the unknown much easier to handle.good luck with the MRI,you will do just fine PC.please keep us posted.Marcia