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randy, i here you about all the meds. i have that problem also. you did'nt say what is wrong that put you on all these meds?
i take alot of daily meds and vitamins for other things. i have arthritis, ddd, joint disease, and fibromyalgia that i take other meds for. what i take daily is my 3 meds. for the fibro, trazadone to sleep, and prozac. what i take as needed is percosett, and valium.
i explain my pain as ....a good pain day...a bad pain day, and a flareup day. i take my percosett and valium as needed, sometimes for a bad pain day, but regurally on the flareup day.
i have taken these drugs on an as needed basis for about 40 yrs. now. if i took them on a daily basis, i would become addicted to them, plus they would'nt work as well when i really need them!
why don't you talk with your doc and find out which ones you can use as needed.....hope this helped.........bevann